colour brand With 70+ years of collective experience in branding, marketing, sales, PR, publishing, printing and customer care, our focus remains exclusively on maximising growth of our client's business.
We help companies do four things exceptionally well:
Define a sharp, authentic brand identity built on your competitive distinctiveness and customer preference
Design excellent marketing material that clearly establishes the identity, conveys benefits and drive the target to action
Meet your complete graphic designing needs by also providing high quality printing services at competitive price
Deliver solid marketing campaigns that maximises your brand impact and profits
We help you reach to the core and establish a formidable brand platform that guides the personification of your brand. The strong foundation for the organization’s identity, messaging and visual presentation guides how the brand is engagingly shared - internally and externally.
1. Developing the positioning platform: We ensure sharp positioning acts as the shining beacon and guides you to channelize your energy on brand and value propositions.
2. Executing the positioning strategy: We help you express and present your ideas in a memorable way to leave an indelible impression and differentiate from the rest. By following a constant stream of innovative and receptive communication, we help in forging a strong bond with your brand's target customers.
Our strategic bandwidth:
1. Articulate brand purpose, create engaging brand propositions, name new brands and design intuitive brand architectures
2. Brand and Marketing strategy
3. Communication strategy and tactical planning for new or on-going projects
Just like in any work of art the hand cannot go beyond the heart can aspire. Our approach transcends beyond the visual component. It infuses colours and enlivens every element of marketing, creating colourful possibilities and spectacular magic for your brand!
In addition to visual language and media mix our marketing also emphasizes on consistently protecting and improving all your branding systems.
Our Brand toolkit includes services that help your Brand gain traction and yield long term growth:
Brand guidelines for identity & communications
Roll-out guidelines and workshops to drive internal communications
Intellectual Property Services: Trade Mark registration / protection against infringement
Brand Research
Loyalty Management Solutions
Customer Experience Management
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